Jan Brewer

Brewer Appeals Injunction Ruling

The Arizona governor wants the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to let the whole law go into effect while the lawsuits get resolved.

What's Next for Arizona's SB 1070?

Activists storm the state as lawyers hunker down for a long fight.

Jan Brewer Jumps Ahead In Polls, Except With Latinos

New numbers released today by Rocky Mountain Poll show that Arizona Gov Jan Brewer’s anti-immigrant tactics are paying off for her across the state. In a poll the company conducted of 524 voters in the week before July 11, Brewer’s got a 20-point lead in front of Attorney General Terry Goddard, the Democratic frontrunner. But look at the numbers broken down by race and Goddard has a strong lead against Brewer among Latino respondents–58 to 16 percent.

The Topsy Turvy Politics of Immigration Reform

Now the White House and Beltway groups say reform’s back on the table this year. Well, not to pass it, just to talk about it.

Trying To Win An Election In Arizona? Propose Tent Cities

The Arizona gubernatorial primaries aren’t till August, but GOP candidates hoping to best current frontrunner Governor Jan Brewer need to start picking up the pace if they want to make a dent in her solid polling numbers.

10 of the Web's Most Viral Immigration Parodies

There’s nothing funny about the rightward drift of immigration policy–well, unless you’re a great satirist.