Jan Brewer

Arizona's Jan Brewer Won't Seek Reelection

The governor makes clear that she won’t run on November’s ballot.

Meet RJ Brewer, the Anti-Immigrant SB1070-Loving Lucha Libre Wrestler

Yes, ‘RJ Brewer’ – real name, John Stagikas – says his mama is Arizona governor Jan Brewer.

Civil Rights Groups Worry as SB 1070 Goes into Effect

On Tuesday, a federal judge cleared the way for Section 2B of Senate Bill 1070 that requires Arizona law enforcement officials check the immigration status of anyone they encounter and believe is undocumented.

Jan Brewer Says Obama is Race-Baiting Latinos

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer tells Politico.com President Barack Obama is race-baiting and pandering for the Latino vote.

Funny or Die Brings You Jan Brewer's 'Self-Deportation Station'

Actress Mary Steenburgen does such a good job at impersonating Jan Brewer that you won’t know whether to laugh or cry after watching this video.

Jan Brewer Responds to SCOTUS SB 1070 Ruling: 'A Victory for the Rule of Law'

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer released a statement on the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold portions of SB 1070.

Gov. Jan Brewer Issues Executive Order Ahead of SB 1070 Decision

While the nation awaits the Supreme Court’s decision on SB 1070, Gov. Jan Brewer is getting officers in her state ready to enforce controversial aspects of the law.

Jan Brewer Uses Wagging Finger Incident to Raise Money

“Scorpions for Breakfast” isn’t the only thing Gov. Jan Brewer is promoting since last week’s finger-wagging incident with President Obama.

Gov. Brewer and Her Wagging Finger: Your Best Captions

Your best captions!

Obama Says Brewer Wagging Finger 'No Big Deal'

Brewer sort of apologizes for her wagging finger, President Obama says it was not big deal and now the Arizona governor’s book is a top seller.

Caption Contest: What Did Brewer and Her Wagging Finger Tell Obama?

If the New Yorker can have their caption contests, so can we.

Arizona's Birther Bill Moves to Gov. Brewer's Desk

But not everyone is excited about the bill, which is a transparently coded attack on President Obama’s black roots.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer's Teleprompter Fail

For a woman who seems to have an answer for everything, it’s news when she’s at a loss for words.

Arizona Sues Feds for Not Being Tough Enough on Immigration

Welcome to the latest chapter in Arizona’s immigration soap opera.

Are You Ready For Four More Years of Jan Brewer?

Arizona’s controversial governor was sworn in for her first full term on Monday.

New Video Documents Jan Brewer's Failures

Though Arizona’s hurting, Jan Brewer’s filled with big talk and few solutions.

Jan Brewer Rails Against "Foreign Interference" in SB 1070 Debate

Arizona’s governor argues that American sovereignty begins in the constitution, and at the border.

Finally, Arizona's Jan Brewer Gives Us Something To Laugh At

The lawmaker’s battling immigrants. And English grammar.

The Jan Brewer Post-Primary Victory Tour

Xenophobia in your face.

Palin: Obama Lacks Jan Brewer's "Cojones"

Now both Palin and Jesse have discussed the president’s balls on cable television.