Black woman with curly hair and white button-down shirt sits in large room with red walls and yellow flowers

Go Off!: Amandla Stenberg on Intersectionality and the Impact of White Supremacy

“I cannot separate my gender from my race from my sexual orientation. If in that moment I’m speaking out about gender, then I’m also in some way speaking out about race and about feminism.”

Today's Google Doodle Celebrates Activist Yuri Kochiyama

The Japanese-American Kochiyama lived through internment, worked with Malcolm X and promoted cross-racial solidarity throughout her career.

Black Lives Matter to Help Lead San Francisco Pride Parade

The group has been named the organizational grand marshal for the 2016 celebration of LGBTQI pride.

STUDY: The Oscars Aren't the Only Thing That's #SoWhite About Hollywood

A new study finds that the entire industry falls short when it comes to reflecting the real America.

Study: Gender Impacts Racial Identity for Biracial People

The study also found that religion and socioeconomic status also matter.

Protesters hold signs. Two blue and white signs say, "Keep abortion legal." One black and white sign says, "Abortion kills a person."

These Tweets Show Why #ReclaimRoe Matters For All People of Color

Today marks the 43rd anniversary of SCOTUS’ Roe v. Wade decision.

On Patricia Arquette, Coded Language and the Hotness of 'Intersectionality'

Patricia Arquette did…a whole lot with her “equality now” speech. But I don’t think we all know what her biggest mistake is called.