International Women's Day

Women stand outside, hold signts that read, "I strike for respect and dignity for all womxn."

House and Senate Dems Introduce Bill That Recognizes Reproductive Rights as Human Rights

The Reproductive Rights Are Human Rights Act was announced in both houses of Congress ahead of International Womens Day.

Woman with red hair in silohuette puts silverware on table while standing in front of a window in daylight, there is a white orchid in a yellow pot and a lamp with a red shade, trees and benches outside

Congress Must Pass Raise the Wage Act, Secure Better Future for Women [Op-Ed]

As the world celebrates International Women’s Day, Saru Jayaraman and Destiny Lopez connect the dots between securing increased pay for women earning a tipped wage and improved access to reproductive health care.

Colorful line drawing on glass window depicts three women with banner that reads, "International Women's Day 2018"

10 POC-Led Organizations to Support on International Women's Day

Put your Twitter fingers to good use helping people of color who identify as women.

The Unique Importance of This Year's International Women's Day

While Washington squabbles over the right to control female bodies, women around the globe have long been fighting back, speaking up, and creating change.

Rep. Chris Smith and a Little International Women's Day Irony

Rep. Chris Smith, the New Jersey Republican who tried to narrow federal funding for abortions in the case of rape, is all for women’s rights–in China.

Cairo's Million Woman March Crashed by Anti-Feminist Activists

On International Women’s Day, women surge forward globally, despite conservative obstacles.