A cartoon rendering of an angry Donald Trump in the form of a piñata

[INFOGRAPHIC] The Trump Immigration Doctrine: Hostile. Racist. Divisive

A by-the-numbers guide to the ways in which the Trump administration is systematically attacking American immigration. 

INFOGRAPHIC: Race and Recovery 10 Years After Hurricane Katrina

A stark, by-the-numbers look at race and recovery in New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina.

9 Charts That Force the Question, Does Black Life Matter?

When measured by the blunt calculus of mortality, being black in the U.S. is a killer.

Killed by the Cops [INFOGRAPHIC]

Black men are disproportionally killed by police. Can law enforcement be held accountable in a justice system that’s set up to support their actions?

Infographic: Only 8 Percent of Sci-Fi Films Feature Protagonists of Color

Sci-fi and fantasy blockbusters are still overwhelmingly white and male.

Infographic: From Disability to Criminality

The dangerous intersection at which too many black children are diverted from school to jail.

Infographic: Yes, Hollywood Is Still an Unequal Place for Black Filmmakers

African-Americans’ buying power tops $1 billion, but the film industry doesn’t reflect that reality.

Infographic: Alternatives to School Closures

“Because you can’t improve a closed school.”

Mandela, in His Own Words

“The struggle is my life.”

Retailers Turn Thanksgiving Into Black Thursday [Infographic]

A growing number of big-box stores are open on Thanksgiving. Find who’s open–and who’s doing the work.

What Would It Take To Pass a Voting Rights Amendment? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Mapping out a constitutional solution to the Supreme Court’s devastating ruling this summer.

The Equity Gap, 1965-2013 [Infographic]

A graphic look at why affirmative action started–and what its loss may mean for higher education.

Mapping the Backlash Against High-Stakes Testing [Infographic]

Public school parents, educators and now even lawmakers around the country are fed up with standardized testing that can determine whether kids graduate, teachers lose their jobs, and schools remain open. Here’s a visual survey of major actions.

Uncle Sam: "Ho ho ho! Uncle Sam brings you free toys!"

Fact vs. Fiction About 'Obamaphones'

A festering rightwing meme has turned an old, Republican program that benefits private cell phone companies into an Obama giveaway for poor (black) people.

Will the Keystone XL Pipeline Produce Good Jobs? [Infographic]

Support for the Keystone XL oil pipeline is growing among Congressional Republicans, Democrats and organized labor. But what will the controversial project actually do for the areas that it would cross?

How Millions Could Get Cut Out of Immigration Reform [Infographic]

Not all of the 11 million undocumented immigrants who live in the U.S. today will gain a path to legal residency through reform. Here are eight ways legislators could carve people out of the package.

What's Really at Stake as We Stare Down the Fiscal Cliff [Infographic]

Fiscal policy can be confusing, all the more so when everyone’s spinning misinformation. So Hatty Lee and Imara Jones offer a visual explanation of this latest debate.

What the AIDS Epidemic Still Reveals About Us [Infographic]

Progress must be noted and celebrated. But as the data suggests, the AIDS epidemic continues to reflect this nation’s most fundamental inequities.

War on Women and Its Consequences [INFOGRAPHIC]

State legislatures have targeted publicly funded family planning services with unique intensity since 2010. Hatty Lee illustrates who gets hurt in the process.

The Rhetorical (De)evolution of Affirmative Action [INFOGRAPHIC]

The case for affirmative action, from President Lyndon Johnson’s soaring 1965 speech to today’s oral arguments before the Supreme Court.