Indie Rock

‘Breaking’ Presents: Adesuwa, a Singer-Songwriter With Some of the Prettiest Pipes in R&B

The vocalist from electro-pop favorite Denitia and Sene breaks out with a solo R&B project that is all hers—from writing to arranging to playing drums, guitar and synths. And, of course, singing. 


Dev Hynes Speaks Out Against 'Oyster Magazine' Censorship

The outspoken musician is alleging discrimination against Oyster Magazine, who he says cut a conversation piece between him and fellow musician Julian Casablancas of serious content regarding racism.

‘Breaking’ Presents: Aye Nako, an Indie Rock Band Challenging the Genre's Homogeneity

The Brooklyn quartet writes captivating, catchy songs that send up the overwhelming white, male and straight privilege in indie culture while offering a path for something new.