women hold signs in support of abortion rights outside Supreme Court

Supreme Court Issues Partial Ruling on Indiana Abortion Law

The justices did not rule on the part of the law that addresses the constitutionality of the medical procedure.

Republican vice presidential candidate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, greets a crowd before introducing Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at a rally on August 5, 2016, in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Transgender Asylee From Mexico Sues Indiana Gov. Mike Pence for 'Discriminatory' Name-Change Law

The 31-year-old plaintiff claims that the law unfairly penalizes noncitizens, particularly those who are transgender.

Purvi Patel Released From Prison After Feticide Conviction Overturned

After serving more than 18 months in prison for feticide and neglect of a dependent, Patel is free.

ICYMI: Purvi Patel Could Be Released From Prison Soon

Indiana officials opted not to challenge the Court of Appeals’s decision to vacate her conviction for feticide.

Blurry photo of multicolored float with effigy of President Barack Obama in a toilet, signs reading "Royal Flush" and "Lying African" in all caps

Man Behind Anti-Obama 'Lying African' Parade Float: 'I Have My Right to Say Things'

Don Christy insisted that his Fourth of July parade float—which featured a doll wearing an Obama mask sitting in a toilet with a sign reading “Lying African”—wasn’t meant to be racist.

Indiana Governor Silent as Police Rule Out Hate Crime in 'Execution-Style' Killing of Three African Men

The three victims, two of whom were Muslim, were found dead of multiple gunshot wounds in Fort Wayne, Indiana, last week. 

Why I'm So Scared by the Purvi Patel Verdict

The Indiana woman who either had a miscarriage or a self-induced abortion was sentenced to 20 years in prison for feticide. What does race have to do with this penalty?

Backlash Over Indiana, California Water Cuts, Adobe's Slate

Some of today’s big headlines

Indiana's 'Right-to-Work' Final Vote to Take Place Wednesday

Unions fear other states will be encouraged to pass similar laws.

98 Percent Pass Indiana's Job Training Drug Tests

The state has spent thousands of dollars to prevent 23 applicants that tested positive for drug use from joining the program.

Indiana's Anti-Choice Zealots See Poor Black Women As Collateral Damage

Even after federal intervention, Hoosier State Republicans stand by their vendetta against Planned Parenthood. Now, guess who’s really paying the price.

Lawsuit: Indiana's Immigration Law's No SB 1070, Still Unconstitutional

The new law mandates that state agencies use the controversial E-Verify program and gives cops unprecedented power to arrest people who they think may be undocumented.