Indian Child Welfare Act

Georginia Sappier-Richardson. Indigenous woman in gray shirt and black and yellow and blue patterned vest speaks at brown wood table in front of Indigenous boy and woman with woman in black shirt and orange and green scarf in foreground

Wabanaki Seek Healing and Justice in 'Dawnland'

A new documentary follows the Maine Wabanaki-State Child Welfare Truth and Reconciliation Commission as it explores the legacy of forced child relocation policies.

White marble building with columns and statue of someone holding an unfurled scroll, bright blue sky in the background

Judge Rules Indian Child Welfare Act Unconstitutional

When the law was passed in 1978, about a third of Native children were being forced into foster care and adoption.

Baby Veronica's Father Turns Himself in After Refusing to Hand Her Over

Dusten Brown had a warrant out for his arrest after he failed to show up for a court-ordered hearing to deliver Baby Veronica to the couple that wants to adopt her.

Baby Veronica To Be Adopted by White Couple

South Carolina’s Supreme Court rules to take the Cherokee child away from her father.

A Hard Blow to Tribal Sovereignty

The high court focused on race–rather than tribal sovereignty–in a landmark adoption case.

The Cherokee Nation's Baby Girl Goes on Trial

The Supreme Court’s hearing about the Indian Child Welfare Act last week had everything to do with tribal sovereignty. Here’s why.