Income Inequality

Black LGB+ Census. Civil ceremony between two Black women.

'Black Census' Finds That Low Wages Are the Top Issue For LGB+ Respondents

More than 5,400 gay, lesbian, bisexual or “other” people surveyed said that making ends meet is more important than marriage equality.

For Once, Common-Sense Ideas to Stop Income Inequality

In two separate reports issued over the past week, a strange thing happened in the fight over America’s economic future: The nation’s big-city mayors and Wall Street got on the same page about the need for broad-based economic fairness.

Studies Point to 'Access to Justice Gap' Among Low-Income and Immigrant Communities

A new ‘Justice Index’ shows states in the South and Midwest are sorely lacking in access to civil legal counsel.

Watch the Latest Episode of the Black Girls CODE Web Documentary

Meet the future of tech!

New Study Shows 15 Percent of Youth are Unemployed, Not in School

The Opportunity Index gives a start view of opportunities for youth in an increasingly economically depressed U.S.

Black and Latino Families are Hardest Hit by Housing 'Income Segregation'

A recent study from Stanford and Cornell researchers says people are increasingly living in either extremely rich or extremely poor neighborhoods.

New York City Has Widest Income Gap According to American Community Survey

The newest U.S. Census Bureau data shows poverty rates remain high nationwide, but haven’t increased.

Census Releases New Poverty Stats

Incomes and poverty levels remained steady in 2012, but the number of people with health insurance has increased.

Public Universities Funding Less Low-Income Students Nationwide

A new study from ProPublica and The Chronicle for Higher Education shows colleges most frequented by low-income students are giving them less aid than ever.

The National Disaster Seen in New York's Income Inequality

Where we go from here needs to be a major focus of whomever wins tomorrow’s elections.

An Olympic-Sized Income Gap Even Among Our World Class Athletes

The division between the 99 percent and the 1 percent extends to the U.S. Olympic team.

The United States sent 529 athletes to compete in 25 sports. The gaping income inequality seen in the wider society is stark even amongst this group carrying the nation’s pride in London.