Jose Antonio Vargas' Film 'Documented' Will Be in Theaters

It will be in theaters in May and air on CNN this summer.

Traveling Exhibit Looks Back at Bracero Worker Program

The exhibit is currently at Northwestern University.

Student's Fight for In-State Tuition Illustrates Limits of the DACA Program

Contrary to popular belief Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival doesn’t guarantee in-state tuition for undocumented students.

Whatever Happened to Comprehensive Immigration Reform?

Twenty thirteen was supposed to be the year for sweeping immigration reform. Here’s a step-by-step review of what did–and didn’t–happen.

Joe Biden: No, Obama Won't Stop Deportations

No surprises here.

College Conservatives Plan a 'Catch an Illegal Immigrant' Game

Yes, this again.

Immigration Activists Continue to Fight on All Fronts

The effort to change the way the immigration system operates pushes forward, despite staggering odds.

Morehouse Alum Jeh Johnson Tapped to Head Homeland Security

Obama will tap an African American, Jeh Johnson, to succeed Janet Napolitano as head of the Department of Homeland Security

As Republicans Flee Immigration Reform, Pelosi May Introduce Her Own Bill

Nancy Pelosi says she may introduce her own immigration reform bill in the House. But its chances are uncertain.

LGBT Immigrants Could Face Hard Road Applying for Marriage Visas

Immigration lawyers are gearing up to fight for their LGBT clients applying for marriage-based immigration visas. They say fears about being outed could stop some from applying.

Watch Rebel Diaz's New Immigration Anthem

The Bronx trio is owning their ‘Alien’ roots.

Five Things We Know About DACA on its First Anniversary

The Brookings Institute released a report today looking at the last year of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, a band aid approach to addressing immigration reform for the estimated 1.6 million undocumented immigrant youth living in the

41 Immigration Reform Activists Arrested in Washington DC

While dozens of activists were arrested in the most recent act of civil disobedience for immigration reform, other advocates are mocking Rep. Steve King’s racist remarks by delivering cantaloupes and photographing their calves.

New App Helps U.S. Immigrants Apply for Citizenship

Applying for U.S. citizenship just got a little bit easier.

Watch Teach for America's New DREAM Act Video

Worlds colliding.

Senate's Border 'Surge' Plays Political Games With Border Lives

The Gang of Eight has agreed to a massive new border build up to buy Republican support for the bill.

But those living and working on the border say that investment will lead to more people perishing in the desert, not a safer country.

House GOP Finds Everything Wrong With Immigration Law And Tries to Make It Worse

The House Judiciary Committee gets started on immigration this week with a deportation bill that could pull reform dramatically right.

Census: Asians Are the Fastest Growing Racial Group in the U.S.

The Asians are coming.

Net Migration from Mexico Has Been at Zero Since 2007, Deportations Still at Record High

The largest wave of immigration in history from a single country to the United States has come to a standstill.

Obama Tells Latinos: Don't Say I Didn't Try for Immigration Reform

And then calls out lawmakers who’ve pushed “anti-immigrant” laws like Arizona’s SB 1070.