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So How Much Did Obama's Immigration Delay Hurt Latino Turnout?

It didn’t help Latino voter turnout.

Latino, Immigration Groups Demand Reform After GOP's Sweeping Wins

Immigration reform groups and lawmakers warn Democrats not to take Latinos for granted.

Ongoing Deportations Inspire Revival of Sanctuary Movement

Faith leaders are bringing back a tactic from the 1980s.

Jose Antonio Vargas Leads '1 of 11 Million' Campaign for Deportation Relief

The campaign comes as the nation awaits President Obama’s executive order.

New York Lawmakers Propose 'State Citizenship' for the Undocumented

States go their own way on immigration, even with long shot bills.

Whatever Happened to Comprehensive Immigration Reform?

Twenty thirteen was supposed to be the year for sweeping immigration reform. Here’s a step-by-step review of what did–and didn’t–happen.

Thousands of People Marched for Immigration Reform This Weekend

Here’s a look at demonstrations in three cities.

Undocumented Immigrant Awaits Supreme Court Decision on Becoming a Lawyer

Sergio C. Garcia passed the California State Bar Exam in 2009, but when that license was revoked soon after he began

fighting for the right to practice law.

Study Finds Growing Racial Divide Among Young People on Immigration

But they often had varying ideas of how immigration was changing the country’s landscape.

Watch Rebel Diaz's New Immigration Anthem

The Bronx trio is owning their ‘Alien’ roots.

41 Immigration Reform Activists Arrested in Washington DC

While dozens of activists were arrested in the most recent act of civil disobedience for immigration reform, other advocates are mocking Rep. Steve King’s racist remarks by delivering cantaloupes and photographing their calves.

Are Representative King's Racist Anti-Immigrant Remarks Anything New?

The lawmaker’s comments about drug mules are just the latest in a long history of anti-Mexican sentiment.

Queering Immigration: 'Citizenship Is Not the Answer to Everything'

LGBT folks talk about their definitions of immigration, borders, and citizenship.

The Sergio Romo Pro-Migrant Ice Cream Is Happening

The flavor’s tagline is a nod to a political statement the San Francisco Giants pitcher made at his team’s World Series parade last year.

Celebrities Don Fedoras to Push Immigration Reform

Photographer Albert Watson shoots portraits of celebrities wearing fedoras as part of a new campaign to promote immigration reform.

Rep. Gutierrez Arrested, Tells Obama: You Can Stop Deportations

The Illinois lawmaker says he’s not convinced by a Obama’s stated commitment meaningful to reform.

Haley Barbour's Pro-Immigration Past Catches Up With Him

The GOP presidential aspirant has never been an enforcement hardliner, actually.

New State Officials Come Out Swinging on Immigration Policy

Felipe Matos is just one activist dealing with the immigration debate’s shift toward states.

Reid: "DREAM Act Is Not a Symbolic Vote," Will Return This Year

Senate Democrats vow to follow the House’s historic vote during this lame-duck session.

Report Shows How Far ICE Goes to Make Obama a Deportation Hawk

The agency bent the rules to drive up its numbers.