Palestinian Activist Rasmea Odeh Sentenced in Immigration Fraud Case

The Palestinian activist fought a politicized case.

The Executive Action Learning Curve

The Obama administration will begin accepting applications for the president’s enhanced deportation relief program next week. Undocumented immigrants are gearing up for the time-consuming, expensive process.

The Latest Attack on Immigration Reform

Here’s how Republicans plan to destroy Obama’s executive order in the courts.

Junot Díaz Relives His 'Surreal' Immigration Experience to U.S.

He talked to literary publication Paradoxa.

Judge Calls Obama's Immigration Action Unconstitutional

Except the case didn’t require the judge to give his opinion on the matter at all.

Goodbye, Secure Communities. Hello, Priority Enforcement Program

S-Comm has long been blasted as reaching too far. Will PEP-Comm be better?

Who Will Lose Under Obama's Executive Action?

“We have at least 5 million reasons to keep working,” says one activist.

Palestinian Activist Rasmea Odeh Found Guilty of Immigration Fraud

The case was merely a pretext for political persecution, the activist’s supporters say.

Federal Inaction on Immigration May Affect Latino Voter Turnout

Organizers say federal inaction on immigration may mean that many Latinos stay home today.

New Plan Will Let Child Migrants Apply for Refugee Status from Central America

It’s a response to a child migrant crisis which overwhelmed authorities this summer.

Richard Rodriguez Talks About the American Dream for Immigrants

It wasn’t a native-born idea, he says.

Star of Oscar-Winning Short Doc Shares Immigration News

She’ll now be able to travel to Mexico to see family she hasn’t seen in more than 15 years. Here’s how.

M.C. Raka Dun Talks Hip-Hop and Immigration

Raka Dun, one half of the Panamanian-American hip-hop duo Los Rakas, shares his story of being undocumented.

Hundreds of Sites Set to Protest Child Migrants, Immigration Reform

Murrieta-style protests go national.

Los Rakas Pays Tribute to Families Torn Apart by Deportation

The video is the second part of a cinematic series that focuses on the push-and-pull factors of immigration.

New York Lawmakers Propose 'State Citizenship' for the Undocumented

States go their own way on immigration, even with long shot bills.

The U.S. Soccer Team Has Immigration to Thank for Its Success

Jorge Rivas looks at how policy helped build the U.S. Men’s Soccer team.

Southern California Weekly Publishes A-Z Guide to Being Undocumented

he guide offers illustrated definitions of terms that usually come up in the debate over immigration.

Rinku Sen: Old Economic Policies Shape Today's Migration Tragedies

What’s so frustrating about our immigration policy debate is that we hold it as though it is domestic policy only, as though it has no relationship to U.S. foreign policy and global economic behavior.

Los Rakas Shows Horrors of U.S. Immigration Policy in New Video

The group’s new album dropped this week.