immigrant workers

Will Obama Deport the American Dream? Scenes From May Day Rallies

Workers from across the country gathered to hold the president accountable for his record on immigration.

Labor Secretary Hilda Solis Recounts Sobering History in Defense of Unions

The Labor Secretary doesn’t shy away from calling out the anti-immigrant fervor of today’s anti-labor landscape.

Deportation Hawks Target Green Card Lottery

Now one of the only working immigration visa programs is under attack too.

Today's Love: Citizens For Immigrants

It’s always important to have strong allies.

Immigrant Workers Get Some (Crappy) Jobs Back

“Recovery” for immigrant workers mean even lower wages.

Filipina Nurses See Discrimination in San Francisco Health System

The California Nurses Association accused a major healthcare company of “systematic discrimination against the hiring of Filipino registered nurses.”

Invest in Immigrants for Economic Longevity, says OECD

For top nations to get higher return during economy turnaround, they must invest in immigration.