Imani Perry

Imani Perry. A Black woman in a white shirt next to a multicolored book jacket

EXCERPT: Imani Perry on Raising Black Sons in a Hostile World

In this excerpt from “Breathe: A Letter to My Sons,” writer and professor Imani Perry reflects on her dreams for her two boys despite the psychic assaults of White supremacy.

Donald Trump: A White man in a blue suit and red tie grimaces and gesticulates behind a podium that says "Trump".

Can Trump Really End Birthright Citizenship?

Not directly. But it’s more complicated than you think, writes Princeton law professor Imani Perry. 

Lorraine Hansberry. Black-and-white image of Black woman in checkered shirt leaning on typewriter in front of lamp and artwork on walls

LISTEN: Imani Perry Uplifts Lorraine Hansberry's Activist Legacy

“She was a feminist before the feminist movement. She was identified as a lesbian and thought about gay rights organizing before the gay rights movement. She was an anti-colonialist before all of the independences had been won in Africa and the Caribbean.”