i am

Drop the I-Word: I Am Taking Action in Georgia

My name is Dulce. I am undocumented and I am no longer afraid. I am taking action.

I Am a Human Being and I Will Fight for My Right To Exist

My name is Nancy Meza and I am undocumented and unafraid.

Drop the I-Word: I Am Undocumented, and I Own My Humanity and Power

I stand with the undocumented youth across the states because we are beautiful amazing leaders.

Drop the I-Word: I Am...Rising to the Challenge

I’m just a student without papers, but I’m organizing to get them. Do you think you can use “undocumented student” instead? Or call me David?

Drop the I-Word: I Am...Home, Both Here and There

I value New York City and Brooklyn in particular, because I feel at home amongst so many people who claim home both here and elsewhere, just like I do.

Drop the I-Word: I Am...an Ally, Activist and Friend

My family’s history represents the painful stain of injustice in the U.S. says Karume James in explaining why he has joined the movement.

Drop the I-Word: I Am...a Human Being

I do not live in a state of victimhood. Illegal is not a state of being.

Drop the I-Word: I Am...Defending My Dignity

“ ‘Illegal is illegal’ is straightforward logic to a kid, and at 12 it had paralyzed me,” David explains.

Drop the I-Word: I Am...Undocumented, Unafraid and Unapologetic

“I remember just sitting there thinking, ‘One day I will be sharing my story, and I will not be ashamed of being undocumented,’” says Dayanna Rebolledo

Drop the I-Word: I Am...FREE!

“Today, I come out publicly undocumented, unafraid, unapologetic and now I am FREE.”

Drop the I-Word: I Am...Ready to Come Out

The death of Andrea Rosales’s grandfather reminds her why she’s standing up for immigrant rights. Her essay kicks off Coming Out of the Shadows Week.

Drop the I-Word: I Am...A Witness to History

Michealynn Hawk enjoys spending time with family, and mourns for those who are torn apart by deportation.

Drop the I-Word: I Am...a Mother

Rosario Lopez worries about her kids’ vulnerability today, but knows they will power tomorrow’s movement for justice.

Drop the I-Word: I Am...Compassionate

Diana Corcorran watches her neighbors’ children search for deported parents and asks, “What kind of country is this?”

Drop the I-Word: I Am Determined

An immigrant mom in Seattle tells her family’s story in the first in a series of testimonials.