hunger strike

Immigrant Detainees Enter Third Week of Hunger Strike

Detainees in Texas are now joining those in Washington hunger striking for justice.

Hunger Strikes Continue at Guantanamo After Six Months

Sixty inmates Guantánamo Bay remain on hunger strike after six months, leading celebrities to speak out in protest.

Beautiful Inmate Art From Pelican Bay State Prison Hunger Striker

An inmate speaks out.

Families Protest the Solitary Confinement of Loved Ones in Calif.

They’re the invisible victims.

30K Calif. Prisoners on Hunger Strike

Hundreds of inmates have been held in solitary confinement for decades.

UVA Hunger Strike Ends After 13 Days, Students Claim 'Enormous Victory'

“This is the end of this strike, but it is not the end of the struggle,” the students say.

UVA Students Want You to Know Their Hunger Strike Fight is Real

Strikers say the majority of workers at the university are mostly women and black.

Secrecy Surrounds Inmate Suicides in California State Prisons

Three inmates have committed suicide in recent months, but families and advocates are being left out in the dark.

Calif. Prison Hunger Strike Ends at Pelican Bay, Continues Elsewhere

Prisoner advocates say a three-week hunger strike protesting long-term solitary confinement has ended at the “supermax” Pelican Bay. But reports say it’s ongoing in at least two other state prisons.

Prisoner Health Deteriorates as California Clamps Down on Strike

One participating striker at Pelican Bay reportedly had to be taken to an Oregon hospital after suffering a heart attack

Guards Retaliate Against Inmates In Growing Prison Hunger Strike

As the strike spreads to Arizona, Mississippi and Oklahoma, prison officials have begun to crackdown on its leaders.

California's Prison Hunger Strike is Back On

After refusing meals for nearly a month last summer, inmates say their demands still haven’t been met.