Hudson Yang

Asian teen with black hair, blue sparkling sunglasses and black polo with white collar, holding red, white and blue balloons and noisemaker

Hudson Yang, Danny Pudi and More TV Stars Ask AAPIs to #PowerUp The Vote

Six Asian-Americans performers star in the funny new PSA from APIAVote and Rock the Vote. 

Man with black hair, grey checkered shirt and black jacket hold black-and-silver microphone while laughing

How 'Fresh Off The Boat' Executive Producer Melvin Mar Helped Change Hollywood Behind the Scenes

The third season of the family comedy premiered this week. Here, Melvin Mar talks about making history with the first Asian-American show in 20 years and the long game he played to get it on the small screen. 

'Fresh Off the Boat' Star Hudson Yang on Asian Americans on Television: 'We're Making Our Mark'

The 12-year-old actor spoke to Hyphen Magazine about Asian-American representation in television.