Housing Discrimination

A plume of exhaust extends from a coal-fired power plant built in New Eagle, Pennsylvania.

Real Estate Agents Encourage People of Color To Live In Polluted Neighborhoods

A new study finds an insidious reason behind the racial imbalance of residents in toxic communities. 

READ: The Housing Discrimination That Destroyed Memphis

A new article from Places Journal is the first in a series on urban inequality in America. 

How Residential Segregation Still Divides St. Louis

Private prejudices and public policy made Ferguson, Richard Rothstein says.

Housing Discrimination Not A Thing Of the Past

As if affordable rent isn’t already bad enough

The Housing Crisis Continues, and Many Are Tired of Waiting

The new ‘I Can’t Wait’ nationwide campaign collects and shares stories from those most affected by the ongoing U.S. housing crisis.

Feds Reveal Widespread Housing Bias But Refuse to Stop It

A new HUD study reveals widespread practices of racial discrimination in housing markets, but as ProPublica reports, the agency has no plans to go after offenders uncovered in the vast data on discrimination.