housing crisis

The Truth About the Housing Rebound

The housing market may be back, but it’s returning in a way that only enlarges existing inequities.

Do You Accept Bloomberg Businessweek's Apology for Its Racist Magazine Cover? [Reader Forum]

Last week, Bloomberg Businessweek ran a magazine cover featuring caricatures of Black and Latino people swimming in money, feeding it to their dogs, and burning it for warmth. Colorlines’ readers react.

Brooklyn Is the Second Most Expensive Place to Live in the U.S.

Brooklyn rents grew at an average rate of nearly 6.58 percent last year, compared with 0.37 percent in 2010.

AARP: Black and Latino Seniors Losing Homes at Twice the Rate of Peers

An AARP poll shows 16 percent of borrowers over 50 are underwater, and that black and Latino homeowners are the hardest hit.

Wells Fargo Settles for $175M Over Steering Blacks and Latinos to Subprime Loans

The bank has been a standout bad actor, both during the subprime lending boom and during the recession that it created.

Housing Advocates Say Foreclosure Settlement is Too Little, Too Late

Advocates say today’s settlement does not do justice for the millions of homeowners who lost their homes or hold the banks fully accountable for their crimes.

Strong Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Could Protect Latino and Black Borrowers

Discriminatory housing practices are one reason why our country needs a strong Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.