Why Superstorm Sandy is Still Wreaking Havoc on Poor Communities

One year later Sandy’s disproportionate impact on historically marginalized communities continues in shocking ways.

It's Not a Housing Boom. It's a Land Grab

This time, the runaway housing market is being fueled by Wall Street’s gobbling up properties. But the results will be just as bad for regular people as it was four years ago.

New Federal Rule Makes LGBT Housing Discrimination Illegal

The Obama Administration announced historic new federal rules that will strengthen housing discrimination protections for transgender and other LGBT people.

The Endemic Fraud the Foreclosure Scandal Reveals--Again

And President Obama’s willful complicity in Wall Street’s scam.

Katrina Survivors in Alabama are STILL Waiting for Help

In one poor town, they’re scraping together volunteer labor and donated materials to get out of tent cities.

Federal Housing Protections for Transgender Tenants

HUD expands its interpretation of the Fair Housing Act to cover gender identity.

No End in Sight for Foreclosures

The recession still has more damage to do. And a new Center for Responsible Lending report says Black and Latino homeowners will continue feeling the worst of it.