Transgender rally. Lots of people and two flags.

LIVESTREAM: Congressional Hearing on Housing Protections for Transgender People

The National Center for Transgender Equality will testify before the House Committee on Financial Services about the growing housing crisis.

Ben Carson. Black man in black suit and white shirt sitting leans into tiny microphone

HUD Rule Allows Homeless Shelters to Deny Admission to Transgender People

Young transgender people of color, especially Black youth, experience disproportionately high rates of homelessness.

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WATCH: This Queer Barber Gives Free Cuts to Homeless Youth in L.A. Out of a Trailer

Madin Lopez, a formerly homeless queer barber, drives around Los Angeles providing over 700 haircuts to homeless youth each year.

Read MarShawn McCarrel II's Beautiful Poem, 'Down South'

The #BlackLivesMatter activist committed suicide on Monday in front of the Ohio Statehouse. Here, some of his poignant words.

Seattle Declares State of Emergency to Address Homelessness Crisis

While people of color represent 33.7 percent of Seattle’s population, they represent 72 percent of all familes seeking emergency shelter.

Houston Cut Its Homeless Population Nearly In Half

Houston coalition uses collaborative model to cut homelessnes by 46 percent over four years.

'Lucky' Gives a Rare Glimpse Into the Life of a Homeless Mom

A new documentary by first-time filmmaker Laura Checkoway gives a gritty and provactive portrait of one woman’s survival story.

Homeless Youth in Focus

Newly released studies indicate the number of homeless youth nationwide is rising.