Hollywood Diversity

John Leguizamo. Latinx man with short dark hair wearing dark tuxedo jacket and purple shirt in front of step and repeat.

John Leguizamo On the Current State of Hollywood

“It needs to start accepting our stories, because I’ve been pitching Latinx stories for 20 years.”

Black woman with red dreadlocks in black shirt against pink-lit background

Effie Brown Says 'Shame and Money' Will Bring About Real Hollywood Diversity

The outspoken producer of films like “Dear White People” and “Real Women Have Curves” described the most effective ways to bring about change in showbusiness during her keynote at the Film Independent Forum. 

Ava DuVernay on Race and Why Hollywood Won't Let Directors of Color be Great

“Any film that you see that has any progressive spirits that is made by any people of color or a woman is a triumph, in and of itself.”

Sanaa Lathan On Marginalization of Black Stars: 'We Need to Come into the 21st Century'

The star of the upcoming thriller “The Perfect Guy” is frank in calling out Hollywood’s problems with race.