Oscars Remix: 9 Coming-of-Age Films About People Who Aren't White Males

The Oscars voting pool is 94 percent white, 77 percent male and heavily populated by people in their 60s. #OscarsSoWhite, we’re showcasing 9 must-see movies about young people of color.

Former Oscar Winner Mo'Nique: 'I'm Just a Girl From Baltimore'

In the five years since her “Precious” win she’s been shut out of Hollywood.

Shonda Rhimes: 'I Haven't Broken Through Any Glass Ceilings'

She spoke at The Hollywood Reporter Women in Hollywood Breakfast this morning.

Ryan Potter of 'Big Hero 6' Talks About Hapa Actors, Diversity in Casting

The film hit theaters this weekend.

'Dear White People' Courts Younger Audience, Has Big Box Office Weekend

The film expands to 350 theaters in the top 75 markets on October 24th

'Kalinda' Has the Best Possible Reason for Leaving 'The Good Wife'

Say goodbye to Lockhart/Gardner’s best investigator.

Actress Elizabeth Peña's Nephew: 'She Was Our Star'

She died of natural causes on Wednesday.

Catherine Zeta-Jones as Griselda Blanco? It's Happening

And so are more conversations about brownface in Hollywood.

A Possibly Whitewashed James Brown Film Pulls in $14 Million at the Box Office

“Our entire history has been given over to white writers,” says one black screenwriter.

Will the James Brown Biopic Truly Capture the Godfather of Soul?

The new James Brown film is one of a handful that revisit the legacies of pioneering African-American musicians. But will their political legacies be sanitized in the process?

Actor James Shigeta and Hollywood's 'Stigma of Asian Leading Men'

It’s still strong.

Infographic: Only 8 Percent of Sci-Fi Films Feature Protagonists of Color

Sci-fi and fantasy blockbusters are still overwhelmingly white and male.

Casting Call for 'Straight Outta Compton' Biopic is Really Racist

This is how bad films are made.

Infographic: Yes, Hollywood Is Still an Unequal Place for Black Filmmakers

African-Americans’ buying power tops $1 billion, but the film industry doesn’t reflect that reality.

Victoria Rowell: 'Not One Black Exec' on the 'Young and the Restless'

Daytime TV gets a reality check from one of its biggest black stars.

Lupita Nyong'o Makes Good on Oscar Win With Star Wars Bid

Dee Locket over at Slate explains why Nyong’o may be more than Hollywood’s latest “It” girl.

This Is Not Laurence Fishburne

But don’t tell that to KTLA reporter Sam Rubin.

Iranian-American Actress Gets Fed Up With Hollywood's Racism

So she decides to do something about it.

TV's (Slowly) Widening Race Lens

2013’s a reminder that TV has never been better. It’s even getting a little better on race. A little.

The Best Man Holiday Did Way Better Than Analysts Expected

Fourteen years after the original hit theaters, the sequel to Malcolm Lee’s 1999 film “The Best Man” made a big splash at the box office.