Man Charged with Killing Hmong Couple and Puerto Rican Man Ruled Unfit for Trial

Following the ruling, the victims’ families and a coalition of Milwaukee-based advocacy organizations reiterated their call for hate crime charges.

Multi-Racial Coalition Advocates for Hate Crime Charges in Triple Homicide

Dan Popp faces homicide charges in the March 6 deaths of Jesus Manso-Perez, Phia Vue and Mai Vue.

Univ. of Wisconsin to Hmong-American Studies Classes

The local Hmong community advocated for the position for years.

Racist Phone Calls for Hmong City Council Candidate in Minnesota

A racist man angry about the Saint Paul’s changing demographics takes it out on a local politician. And there’s a recording of it.

Radio Host Mocks Hmong Community With Racist Cover Song

But what’s worse is the station’s apology.