Two Black hands with one holding a blue pill

ICYMI: FDA Approves HIV Prevention Drug That Isn't Safety Tested for All

The Food and Drug Administration says that safety trials for Descovy primarily tested White cisgender men.

A pair of blue-gloved hands gives a white stick to a pair of Black hands. Light blue paper lines the table below, a blue and white box of gloves sits on the table

The Best Medication to Prevent HIV is Hard to Find Where It's Needed Most

The dangerously scarce availability of PrEP is contributing to high HIV infection rates in Black men.

Bonnie Watson Coleman and David Johns. Two Black people in dark jackets sit in room facing camera

WATCH: Lawmakers, Advocates Center Black Women on National Women and Girls HIV Awareness Day

Representative Bonnie Watson Coleman and David Johns of National Black Justice Coalition join forces to increase access to lifesaving health care for Black women and girls, who represent two of every three women diagnosed with HIV.

Map of the United States with South outlined, as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau

Poz 100 Honors Southern Activists Working to Eradicate HIV/AIDS

Black women account for 69 percent of the women living with HIV in the South.

Jussie and Jurnee Smollett on World AIDS Day: ‘You Can’t Pick and Choose When Black Lives Matter’

On World AIDS Day, the actors and activists discuss the importance of advocating for the lives of Black people in all arenas.

Nepal Earthquake, Freddie Gray Laid to Rest, Bruce Jenner's Transition

Some of Monday’s big headlines

Staying Alive, as a Black Man [VIDEO]

Two men living with HIV share their personal stories of keeping well in a world in which the average black man dies far younger than the nation overall.

Unprecedented Number of HIV Cases in Navajo Reservation

The chances for survival after an AIDS diagnosis were lower for Native Americans than any other racial group.

CDC: 1 in 16 Black Men Will Be Diagnosed with HIV During Their Lifetime

The impact of HIV has been devastating among black youth, with approximately 40 percent of new infections among blacks now occurring among those between the ages of 13 and 29.

Remember HIV/AIDS? It's Still Raging in the U.S.

When times are tough, it’s easy to ignore things like health and wellness. We all know what happens when we do that in our personal lives–it comes back to haunt us. Same’s true as a society, and the U.S. AIDS epidemic is proof of that fact.

Navajo Nation Sees Alarming Rise in HIV/AIDS Infections

Poor education is partly to blame, with some tribal members learning about HIV and AIDS only upon diagnosis.

Federal Funding for Syringe Exchange Programs is at Risk

Some member of congress want to eliminate federal funding for needle exchange programs that have been proven to reduce HIV transmission.

Black Website Shows Us the Right and Wrong Ways to Talk HIV gave HIV/AIDS lots of play on World AIDS day. Two of its stories show how far we’ve come and where we still need to go.

13 Arrested at Wall Street Protest for World AIDS Day

As the White House announced new money for domestic HIV/AIDS treatment, protestors took to the streets of New York City to link tax cuts for the rich to poor health care for people living with HIV.

It's World AIDS Day. What Are You Gonna Do to Stop This Madness?

Thirty years later, we know a great deal about HIV/AIDS and have significant tools for stopping it from killing us. Now, we just gotta use them. Here’s a list for getting started.

Majority of People Living With HIV in U.S. Aren't in Successful Treatment

Federal health officials say that, 30 years into the epidemic, less than a third of people who are positive have the virus under control. Boosting that number is key to stopping the epidemic’s spread, CDC says.

20 Years Ago Today, Magic Johnson Made HIV Not Just a White Gay Male Disease

Magic Johnson announced he was HIV-positive twenty years ago today. He did more for HIV/AIDS awareness than former President Ronald Reagan.

The Game Wants Gay Rappers to Come Out, But Spreads Downlow Myth

Two-time Grammy Awards nominee rapper Game is being praised for openly accepting gays but in the process he’s telling myths about men in the “down low” spreading HIV.

Federal Health Officials Push 'Strength Through Affirmation' of Black Gay Men

“We wanted to show black gay couples who are loving and supportive and, at the same time, we wanted to document a diverse range of strong men in community,” says CDC’s Richard Wolitski. Kyle Bella reports on the new campaign.

Magic Johnson Wishes He Hadn't Retired Because of HIV

Michael Johnson opens up to the LA Times about his decision to retire, the hard work he had to do to survive HIV, and what he’s learned since his diagnosis.