HIV prevention

CDC: 1 in 16 Black Men Will Be Diagnosed with HIV During Their Lifetime

The impact of HIV has been devastating among black youth, with approximately 40 percent of new infections among blacks now occurring among those between the ages of 13 and 29.

Federal Funding for Syringe Exchange Programs is at Risk

Some member of congress want to eliminate federal funding for needle exchange programs that have been proven to reduce HIV transmission.

13 Arrested at Wall Street Protest for World AIDS Day

As the White House announced new money for domestic HIV/AIDS treatment, protestors took to the streets of New York City to link tax cuts for the rich to poor health care for people living with HIV.

50 Percent of People Eligible for HIV Drug Therapy Now Have Access

A new report by the Joint United Nations says we’ve begun to finally tackle the epidemic.

The Game Wants Gay Rappers to Come Out, But Spreads Downlow Myth

Two-time Grammy Awards nominee rapper Game is being praised for openly accepting gays but in the process he’s telling myths about men in the “down low” spreading HIV.

In the Fight Against HIV, a Breakthrough for Women of Color

Two new studies involving heterosexual women and men reveal that taking a daily dose of HIV meds can decrease infection risk by well over 50 percent. That’s a “yay” for women of color who bear the brunt of the global pandemic.

Equal Access to HIV Treatment Could Finally Slow the Black Epidemic

A new study finally proves “treatment as prevention” remarkably slows HIV’s spread. But huge numbers of black people living with HIV don’t know they are positive and aren’t in treatment.

Advocates Pick Apart Will.I.Am's Pathetic View on Women and Condoms

Kelle Terrell at The Body calls the rapper out for his terribly misguided approach to sexual health.

How Microbicides Could Forever Change HIV for Black Women

By 2014, scientists may have given women the tool to truly change the HIV epidemic’s trajectory.

Global AIDS Watchdogs Worry U.S. Neglecting Its Leadership Role

Obama’s strategy is to fight HIV comprehensively, but some say that’s camouflage for neglect.

Black AIDS Activist: 'Our House is On Fire'

Three decades into the AIDS epidemic, CNN’s Anderson Cooper spotlights its crippling effects to the black community.

The AIDS Epidemic Has Always Been Defined by What We Don't Know

On World AIDS Day, three black Americans look back on decades of misunderstanding about HIV.

HIV Prevention Breakthrough Electrifies Movement to End Epidemic

Scientists and advocates alike are abuzz about a study showing a pill-a-day regimen’s success in blocking transmission.