a rally with someone holding a sign that reads Black Trans Lives Matter

New Study Pinpoints the Most Urgent Needs of TGNC People Living With HIV

The Transgender Law Center documented the top legal and health care barriers for HIV-positive trans and gender nonconforming people. The goal is “data-driven advocacy led by the community for the community.”

AIDS quilt on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

ICYMI: HIV Prevention Drug PrEP to Be Covered by Most Insurance Plans

At $2,000 per month, the pill is currently inaccessible to most of the people who are at highest risk of contracting HIV.

Jazielle, with blue lipstick behind a fence

REPORT: Women Who Are of Color, Trans and HIV-Positive Must Fight Overlapping Oppressions

Research by the Transgender Law Center highlights the major economic, social and health challenges facing trans women of color living with HIV.

Map of the United States with South outlined, as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau

Poz 100 Honors Southern Activists Working to Eradicate HIV/AIDS

Black women account for 69 percent of the women living with HIV in the South.

WATCH: Black LGBTQ New Yorkers Seek Liberation Through Ballroom Culture

In Mic’s latest installment of “The Movement,” Darnell L. Moore explores this dance and nightlife culture’s importance to LGBTQ people of color.

Jussie and Jurnee Smollett on World AIDS Day: ‘You Can’t Pick and Choose When Black Lives Matter’

On World AIDS Day, the actors and activists discuss the importance of advocating for the lives of Black people in all arenas.

Rana Plaza Murder Charges, #UnitedForTahera, Sugar-Starving HIV

Some of Monday’s big stories

Study: Undocumented Latinos Get Into HIV Treatment Dangerously Late

Undocumented Latinos and black Americans both arrive in care later than others. But undocumented Latinos are still likely to do well in treatment once there.