Higher Education

STUDY: Graduation Gap Growing Between Black and White Students

“What we see in our report lends credibility to what the student activists have been saying.”

STUDY: Middle Class Blacks and Latinos Disproportionately Impacted by Student Debt Crisis

Researchers say structural racism is the culprit.

Investigating the Dearth of Black Males Among Science and Math Ph.Ds

Getting to the root of a longstanding problem.

Low-Income Student Enrollment Stagnates at Elite Colleges

Even though the numbers of low-income students has grown in the same time period.

Michelle Obama Takes First Steps Into the World of Education Policy

What could go wrong with that?

Obama Administration Tells Colleges: Don't Be Afraid to Use Affirmative Action

It’s the administration’s first guidance since the Supreme Court ruled on affirmative action this summer.

Hip-Hop Artists Are Becoming Colleges' Most Sought After Lecturers

From Afrika Bambaataa to 9th Wonder, some of hip-hop’s biggest names are taking their art into the classroom.

For-Profit Giant University of Phoenix to Close 115 Locations

Such is life in the world of for-profit higher education.

Reports from Supreme Court: Justices Skeptical About UT Austin's Program

Stay with Colorlines.com for more analysis in the coming days.

How Diversity Trumped Equity--and May Kill Affirmative Action

The core rationale for affirmative action has been lost in decades of legal wrangling over the policy.

The Rhetorical (De)evolution of Affirmative Action [INFOGRAPHIC]

The case for affirmative action, from President Lyndon Johnson’s soaring 1965 speech to today’s oral arguments before the Supreme Court.

Should Young Black Women Strive to Be Steve Jobs--or to Do Better? [Reader Forum]

Colorlines.com readers discuss an exciting program that’s giving young black women the tech skills that nobody else will, and how few truly positive tech-sector role models these kids have.

Here's How Students of Color Fit Into Higher Ed's Shifting Ecosystem

The U.S. higher education system is a vast and growing network, but whether it be for-profit schools or private universities, who goes where changes largely according to race.