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Fears About Immigration Consequences Affected Latinos' Healthcare Enrollment

Latinos posted lower than projected signup rates in President Obama’s healthcare enrollment, according to new numbers released Thursday by the Department of Health and Human Services. Part of that may have been due to families’ fears about how handing over information to the government.

What Obamacare's Onset Means for Racial Justice

The law’s historic expansion of healthcare will begin on Oct. 1, but the working poor in half the nation will be left out.

Birth Control Without Co-Pays and 4 Reasons to Care About Health Reform

A new report recommends that the feds force insurance companies to fully cover birth control pills, STD screenings and other women’s health musts under health reform. It’s up to us to make them listen.

Vermont Breaks Ground in Health Coverage for Migrant Workers

The state’s historic new universal health care system will cover the undocumented workers who toil in dangerous isolation to keep Vermont’s farms in business.

One Year Later, People of Color Are Health Reform's Strongest Backers

They’re also the ones who stand to lose the most if the GOP effort to repeal or defund it succeeds.

Haley Barbour Leads War on Medicaid as States Ready Health Reform

The likely GOP presidential candidate says Medicaid recipients drive BMWs in Mississippi.

Global AIDS Watchdogs Worry U.S. Neglecting Its Leadership Role

Obama’s strategy is to fight HIV comprehensively, but some say that’s camouflage for neglect.

The GOP's Biggest Health Care Victory? No Race in the Debate

Even after last night’s vote to repeal health care reform, both sides are ignoring health care’s most salient issue.

GOP Attack on Health Care Reform Is a Fight Against Racial Justice

Republicans are attacking a bill that could take us one step closer to health equity.

Recession Pushes Health Care System from Bad to Worse

Maybe with another few hundred thousand newly uninsured people next year, Washington will finally figure out that ignoring the pain won’t make it go away.

Insured or Not, Women and Children's Health Shortchanged

The escalation of insurance costs is old news by now, but in light of the recession, the pattern doesn’t augur well for a half-baked reform plan.

Latinas Rallying For Reproductive Justice

It’s Latina Week of Action for Reproductive Justice, and bloggers are sounding off about self-determination and controlling their own reproductive destinies.

White House Bans Abortion Coverage in New High-Risk Pools

And women of color are most likely to pay the price. Reproductive justice advocates are asking people to write the administration and demand better.

The Insurance Industry's Stealth Attack on Health Reform

Why you should care about “Medical Loss Ratio.” No, really.

No Free Pill Yet Under New Healthcare Regulations

From a reproductive justice standpoint, birth control isn’t just a women’s issue but an issue of racial and socioeconomic equity as well.