How Can You Measure Income Inequality? Count The Trees

Environmental journalist Tim De Chant used Google Maps to show that in most American cities, trees have become luxury goods. We talked to him about his new project.

ABC's Robin Roberts Battles Blood Disorder Possibly Caused By Chemo

Five years after battling and beating breast cancer, “Good Morning America” co-anchor Robin Roberts faces another battle.

SEIU Pushes for Health Care for Transgender Workers

SEIU has more than 2.1 million members in Canada, the United States and Puerto Rico that are part of the service industry, including janitors, the security guards, and health care professionals.

As the Court Decides Health Reform, East Oakland Fights for the Basics

Once home to good manufacturing jobs, East Oakland today is a microcosm of the structural components of racial health disparities. One community-led health project could be a model for the future.

Why More Americans Can't Access Healthy Food

Why don’t more people have access to healthy food? In a new book, journalist Tracie McMillian looks beyond fast food restaurants to untangle a web that’s proven deadly for people living in poverty.

Michelle Obama Can Do A Lot More Push-Ups than Jimmy Fallon [Video]

First Lady Michelle Obama made an appearance on Tuesday night’s “Late Night” and got in to a friendly competition with host Jimmy Fallon.

UCSF Denies Kidney to Undocumented Father

Oakland resident Jesus Navarro has health insurance and a matching kidney donor but UCSF has denied him the procedure that could save his life because they say there is “no guarantee he will receive adequate follow-up care, given his uncertain status.”

The Miraculous Story of Amit Gupta's Bone Marrow Match

For someone of South Asian descent, the odds of finding a matching bone marrow donor are currently only 1 in 20,000.

Weight Watchers Goes After Black Males: Charles Barkley Star of New Campaign

Weight Watchers has launched a new campaign that goes after men with former basketball player Charles Barkley endorsing the weight loss program.

Black Man At A Doctor's Visit

Mass. Supreme Court: Universal Healthcare Includes Legal Immigrants Too

The state’s highest court has ruled that Massachusetts cannot prevent legal immigrants from enrolling in the state’s subsidized health care program.

Nick Cannon Joins 29 Percent of Black Kidney Failure Patients in the U.S.

The host of

“America’s Got Talent” is in the hospital.

Report: Soda Companies Target Black and Latino Kids in High Numbers

Black children and teens see 80 percent to 90 percent more ads compared with white youth, according to researches at Yale.