health care reform

Good Health Is Good for the Economy

With its potential to increase wellness and decrease illness among Americans on the economic margins, the long-term effects of the Affordable Care Act could be a big deal for the economic well-being of America’s working poor.

The Known Unknowns of Obamacare's Racial Justice Impact

There are at least three crucial, unanswered questions as the first enrollment period ends.

What We've Learned From Obamacare

The grand experiment of making a market-driven system accessible to the working poor is off to a bad start.

Concerns Loom as Health Care Reform Goes Into Effect

Advocates worry that millions of society’s most vulnerable still left out in the cold.

Clock Ticks on Stopping Abortion Ban in Insurance Pools

The administration is poised to impose an unprecedented abortion restriction on some of the sickest uninsured women in the country.

State Lawmakers Harden the Colorline in Reproductive Health

Slowly but steadily, state lawmakers have worked to limit women’s reproductive freedom in the past legislative session.

Making Hospitals Speak the Language of Equity

A victory in Washington State’s hospitals proves the point: We actually can create racial equity in our health care system, if we want to.

In the Wake of Health Reform, Abortion Under Attack