For Black Americans, Fleeing the Segregated South Was Deadly

A new study found that the racism of the North was just as deadly.

In California, Trauma Experienced in Childhood a 'Public Health Crisis'

Sixty-one percent of all Californians have experienced some kind of trauma as children.

Despite Obamacare Advances, Racial Health Disparities for Women of Color Abound

How does your state fare?

California Passes Bill Banning Forced Sterilizations of Inmates

Gov. Jerry Brown has until August 31 to sign or veto it, or it goes into effect on its own.

Black and white photo of a woman's pregnant body.

Detroit's Maternal Death Rate Three Times National Average

Racial health disparities are squarely to blame.

Video: Beyoncé Re-Make Says Every Body is Flawless

Here’s a little body positivity for your week.

The Revolutionary Workout That Every Black Body in America Needs

Forget a playlist. History is what you need to feel inspired at the gym.

Study: In Black Men, Internalized Racism Speeds Up Aging

A new study in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine finds that taking in racism can wear away at white blood cells.

Watch This Woman's Inspiring Time-Lapse Video of 100 Days at the Gym

It’s not just a vain attempt to lose weight and look slimmer, but a glimpse into one woman’s journey toward more self-confidence.

Indian Grandmother Wins Marathon Barefoot, In Sari

So this is awesome.

Infographic: The Hard Search for Healthy Food in South L.A.

Six farmers markets serve all of South L.A., while West L.A.’s got 16.

The State of HIV in Black America: A Visual Breakdown (Infographic)

If you are a person of color – especially an African-American – you are disproportionately at risk for contracting HIV.

Yes, Racism is a Public Health Risk

Racism ain’t just about hurting people’s feelings.

Navajo Nation Plans to Become First Tribe to Manage Its Own Medicaid System

The Navajo Nation is on its way to becoming the first tribe to manage its own federally funded medicaid program.

Study Finds 90% Jump in ADHD Diagnosis Amongst Black Girls

A new study of health records from California found the rate of children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) rose dramatically between 2001 and 2010.

Study Finds Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities Among Fifth-Graders Across Country

Black children and Latino children fared worse than white children in almost every category.

We Need Better Food. We Need Fairer Food Jobs. So Let's Get Both.

In a new report, Colorlines’ publisher asks: What could happen if the people who work to ensure good eating and those who fight for labor rights were to strategize together, and move projects that address both concerns?

Holly Robinson Peete Rips 50 Cent Apart on Autism, Gets Him to Apologize

Rapper 50 Cent rarely apologizes for his controversial remarks but this time around not only did he delete controversial tweets, he apologized too.

#NoShameDay and the Fight to Eradicate the Stigma of Mental Illness

July is National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month.

64-Year-Old Great-Grandmother Takes 2nd Place at Bikini Contest

A Los Angeles grandma beat a bunch of women half her age in a bikini contest in Atlanta, Georgia earlier this month.