DHS Does Right by Some Haitians, Extends Protected Status

The department has extended temporary protective status for Haitian nationals through January 2013.

Where is the Relief Money for Haiti?

We take a look what money’s missing, and what could be the hold-up.

Haiti's Remarkable HIV Turnaround May Be Undone by Earthquake

Global health watchers worry the island’s epidemic is exploding anew as the recovery drags on.

Learning From Shattered Haiti's Year of Struggle

Global Justice columnist Michelle Chen says the earthquake revealed deep problems with global aid systems, but also may create new models of locally led development.

Fashion Photographer Bruce Weber's Moving Portrait of Little Haiti

Known for imagining all-American brands, Weber turns his lens to those who have been defined out of Americanness. Jorge Rivas takes a look.

Haitian Election Drama Could Spill Into Next Year

How much have international aid efforts hurt the country’s slow recovery?

The Total Failure of Global Aid in Haiti

So what about supporting some home-grown solutions?

Wyclef Ends Presidential Bid, Plans Next Album

The singer’s troubled campaign is finally over.

Wyclef Just Won't Face The Music

Now he’s made a protest song to appeal to the masses.

Wyclef Can't Serenade Critics

The stars have already weighed in on the singer’s run for office. Now we want your thoughts.

Dispatch from Haiti: Wondering About Wyclef

The young voters “Clef” hopes to lead aren’t yet sure they can follow him–or any other politician.

Wyclef's Serious About Haiti Presidential Bid

He’s expected to announce tomorrow. Controversy to ensue shortly thereafter.

IMF Cancels Haiti's $268 Million Debt

The move may allow the country to start the arduous process of long-term structural readjustment.

Haiti Gets Shortchanged on Aid

Since a U.N. donors conference in March, when countries pledged over $5.3 billion to help Haiti, only $534 million has been delivered.

U.S. Extends Deadline for Haitians to Get Protected Status

The filing period, initially set to end next week, is pushed back to January 2011.

In Haiti, a Miami Transplant Seeks New Horizons

Shooby Leroy Jean-Pierre finds despair and opportunity in earthquake-stricken Leogane.

The Women of Haiti Still in Rubble

Today marks one half year since an earthquake flattened Port-au-Prince. The women of Haiti are still lost in the wreckage.

The human rights of women in post-quake Haiti have been a barometer of injustice in the international response to the crisis: activists say poverty, sexual violence and political disenfranchisement have created a second wave of disaster.

Are Haitians Forgoing Temporary Protected Status?

Haiti community.jpg

Homeland Security recently reported that only a small fraction of Haitian immigrants potentially eligible for special immigration relief through Temporary Protected Status (TPS) have actually sought that benefit.

Activists Call for HIV/AIDS Relief for Haiti


While over 100 countries and international aid organizations pledged $10 billion to Haitian reconstruction yesterday, New York City religious and health groups teamed up with Haitian AIDS activists to call attention to what they’re calling the “failure” of AIDS disaster relief.

Faultlines in Haiti: Who is Listening on the Ground?