Rape in Haiti: The Aftershocks Continue

A year and a half later, squalid camps remain the only homes for hundreds of thousands of people, and reports of sexual violence inside them are rising.

Haitian Protestors Clash With U.N. Troops Over Cholera Outbreak

Angry residents call U.N. presence an “occupation.”

Haitian Elections Continue Amid Disaster, Cholera

The United Nations recently made an international appeal for $163 million in aid.

Wyclef Says His Troubled Haiti Campaign Isn't Done Yet

Shady money dealings, and Haitian residency, become the candidate’s biggest roadblocks.

Letter Urges French to Repay Haiti's "Independence Debt"

Activists claim France “extorted” the money, now estimated to be worth $22 billion.

Haiti Promised $10 Billion in Aid. Who'll Spend It?

Haiti rubble.jpgYesterday’s UN meeting of governments and international organizations on aid to Haiti ended with a $10 billion pledge.

Somali ‘Pirates’ Plan to Send Treasures Taken from Rich Countries to Haiti

somali_pirates.jpgWe haven’t heard about the Somali pirates in months, but they’re back

Children of the Earthquake: Rescuing Haiti's Orphans?

haiti orphan.jpg

Temporary Protected Status for Haitians Begins Today, but Doesn't Apply to Everyone

According to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano the U.S. may be home to as many as 200,000 undocumented Haitian immigrants. Starting today the Obama administration is allowing Haitians who have been in the U.S. without legal status before January 12 to apply for temporary protected status (TPS.) The status will allow Haitians to stay for 18 months and work while earthquake recovery continues.