H1B Visas

Brown man in blue and white patterned shirt holding black cell phone and white pen with black tip in front of brown background

'For Here or to Go?' Brings H-1B Visa Holders' Anxieties to the Big Screen

Screenwriter Rishi S. Bhilawadikar tells NBC News that his screenplay for the upcoming film was based on his experiences struggling to find work in Silicon Valley while waiting on his green card.

At a large New York City march to protest Trump's 'Muslim ban,' a man dressed up as the president walks.

Who Would Lose in the 'Merit-Based' Immigration System Trump is Raving About?

In his first joint Congressional address, President Trump advocated for an immigration system that would prioritize  high-skilled and educated workers. But that system would stack the deck in favor of young men, penalize women who do domestic work, and unravel the fabric of family-based immigration.