Gun Violence

President Obama On Charleston Shooting: 'I've Had To Make Statements Like This Too Many Times'

President Obama delivers statement on mass murder in Charleston, South Carolina church.

Can Doctors Put a Dent in Gun Violence?

A massive collective of doctors from different specialties are pushing to make gun violence a U.S. public-health issue, like smoking and car accidents. Here’s why

The High Price of Gun Violence

Tax payers pay; a relatively few number of communities suffer

Criminals, Victims and the Black Men Left Behind

Young, black men in Chicago are far more likely to be touched by violent crime than any other group. But they’re not innocent enough to get the help they need to recover.

Watch Pres. Obama React to Yet Another School Shooting

“The fact that 20 six-year-olds were gunned down in the most violent fashion possible and this town couldn’t do anything about it was stunning to me,” Pres. Obama says

Isla Vista Could Embolden Push For Gun Violence Research

Given recent history, however the odds are long

Still No Federal Funding For Gun Violence Research

A Ga. Republican says no

Kanye West, Common Team Up With Chicago Urban League to Create Youth Jobs

It’s an initiative that they say will create 20,000 jobs for young people in the city.

Gun Violence Spikes in Chicago, Again

What’s to be done about it?

Infamous Toddler Video Sparks Dialogue in Northeast Omaha

Community members react to controversial video of a cursing African-American toddler and the police union’s role in publicizing it.

Study: Racists More Likely To Own Guns

Researchers from Australia and Great Britain found a strong connection between racist attitudes in the U.S. and gun ownership.

Snoop Lion Joins Rappers Donating to Funeral for LA Girl

Six-year-old Tiana Ricks was killed this week in a suspected gang incident.

Watch Snoop Lion and His Daughter Sing About Gun Violence

The song’s called “No Guns Allowed” and features footage from the scenes of school shootings at Sandy Hook and Columbine.

Civil Rights Groups Issue School Security Plan--Without the Guns

In the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre, calls for more police and armed guards abound. But to keep kids safe we need to look at the roots of violence and start there, say civil rights groups.

Do Cops Make Schools Safe? Students Answer [VIDEO]

A crucial voice has been lost in the post-Sandy Hook debate over school safety: Students. So we asked some Los Angeles high schoolers to chime in.

It's Not Just Chicago: 100 Youth Homicides in Miami Since 2009

Eighty-one of them were the result of gun-related incidents.

Obama's Fatherhood Meme Ruffles Otherwise Ardent Supporters

Critics are asking why the president sees family structure as the gun problem in Chicago, but not in Newton.

What Other Conversations Should We Be Having Alongside Gun Control Talks?’s editorial director Kai Wright was a guest on the Melissa Harris-Perry show on Sunday for a discussion on gun control.

Chicago Girl Who Performed at Obama Inauguration Events Killed in Shooting

The girl died when a gunman opened fire on her and other teenagers at a park in Chicago.

Gun Group Launches 'What Would Django Do?' to Rally Black Support

A controversial group’s new effort dubbed “What Would Django Do?” looks to bring people of color to its side in the debate over gun control.