Politicians sit and shake hands as Trump stand over them inside the Oval Office of The White House.

Guatemala and U.S. Could Unleash Political Crisis With New Deal to Restrict Asylum

The “safe third country” agreement could threaten the lives of thousands of Central Americans. 

Texas Trooper Kills Guatemalan Immigrants in Aerial Shooting

A Texas trooper says he was unaware the truck was carrying passengers. But the Guatemalan Consul doesn’t believe any of it.

U.S. Gov. Secretly Infected Thousands of Guatemalans with STDs

Government scientists infected 5,500 Guatemalans with syphilis and gonorrhea between 1946 and 1948 to study the effects of penicillin, according to recent findings of a U.S. presidential panel.

American Science's Racist History Still Haunts the World

Yet another example of American science’s horrific history found in Guatemala.

Man L.A. Cops Shot in Head Was Unarmed, Witness Says

The L.A. Weekly reports that a witness saw no knife on the Guatemalan immigrant.

Asylum System May Open Door for Femicide Survivors

A narrow window to humanitarian relief could be opening in the for survivors of femicide in the U.S. asylum system.