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A Black person's hand pouring bottled water into a coffee maker

READ: Five Environmental Justice Activists On The Roots and Future of The Movement

Mustafa Ali, Dr. Robert Bullard and other key figures in environmental justice explore why their fight is a critical one.

Robert Taylor. Black man wearing light blue buttondown shirt stands in front of brown brick building

Inside a Louisiana Town's Fight Against Environmental Racism

Reserve, located in “Cancer Alley,” is the focus of a year-long investigative series by The Guardian. 

Kehinde Wiley. Painting of Black person in red shirt and black hat next to Black man in grey shirt with red Nike logo and text spelling "JUST DO IT" holding each other's hand and surrounded by red and yellow and green flowers

Kehinde Wiley's New Exhibit Confronts Art's Erasure of Black Humanity

The painter didn’t see many portraits of Black subjects on the walls of the St. Louis Art Museum. So he put them there.

Black and white picture of dark cell with light coming through bars

READ: Notes From Inside the Prison Strike

Kevin Rashid Johnson writes from solitary confinement about the importance of fighting to reform the criminal justice system.

Black woman with black hair in black and grey shirt and silver star-shaped earrings in front of red and blue arcade machine and dark red wall

In 2 Big New Songs, Janelle Monáe Chants Down Racism and Sexism

“Black women and those who have been the ‘other’, and the marginalized in society—that’s who I wanted to support.”

Hubert Roberson wears a mask to a prayer service before participating in a national mile-long march to highlight the push for clean water in Flint, Michigan, February 19, 2016. Communities like Flint would be impacted by this office's elimination.

ICYMI: EPA Proposed Budget Cuts Include Eliminating Environmental Justice Office

John Coequyt of the Sierra Club: “To cut the environmental justice program at EPA is just racist.”

Brown man in light blue soccer uniform holds red, white and blue American flag and red, white and green Mexican flag against brown background

WATCH: Mexican-American Soccer Players Navigate Cross-Border Identities in New Doc

U.S.-born players on top-flight Mexican teams rebuke Donald Trump’s xenophobic rhetoric while navigating multicultural identities abroad in a new documentary from The Guardian.

Members of the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force stand outside of a press conference regarding the San Bernardino, California, shooting on December 2, 2015.

The FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force is Monitoring Standing Rock Water Protectors

Civil rights attorney Lauren Regan: “The idea that the government would attempt to construe this indigenous-led nonviolent movement into some kind of domestic terrorism investigation is unfathomable to me.”

Riz Ahmed in blue suit with white shirt and grey tie against black-and-white background

READ: Riz Ahmed Describes Breaking Terrorist Stereotypes in Auditions and Airports in Stark New Essay

The British-Pakistani actor and rapper still gets judged on his religion and skin color. He wrote about these experiences, in audition and interrogation rooms, in a new piece published by The Guardian.

Black man wearing a dark blazer and pink button-down shirt

READ: Ta-Nehisi Coates on Media's Erasure of Black Journalists

“Writing a book from a Black perspective is freeing. Seeing it constantly examined from a White perspective is depressing.”