Guantanamo Bay

This NOAA image, taken by the GOES satellite at UTC: 1803Z, shows Hurricane Matthew in the Caribbean Sea just south of Cuba and Jamaica on October 2, 2016. Matthew is a strong Category 4 hurricane in the central Caribbean Sea.

Hurricane Matthew Threatens Caribbean Islands, Prompting Evacuation of Non-Essential Guantanamo Personnel

The 61 people suspected of terrorism who have been held in the detention center indefinitely won’t be evacuated.

Guantanamo Detainee Asks Not for Prosecution, but Truth

In two new interviews, Shaker Aamer, a British former detainee at the U.S.’ notorious Guantanamo Bay, details what has happened there and demands that Tony Blair tell the truth about the use of torture. 

'Rectal Feeding' the CIA Used on Alleged Terrorists Had Zero Nutritional Value

The torture method is a sickening, humiliating twist on standard force-feeding.

Esperanza Spaulding Protests 'Guantanamo Injustice' In New Video

The Grammy Award-winning singer has a new video out called “We Are America”

Hunger Strikes Continue at Guantanamo After Six Months

Sixty inmates Guantánamo Bay remain on hunger strike after six months, leading celebrities to speak out in protest.