ground zero

At Park51, Praying for an End to the "Ground Zero Mosque" Hatred

The real hate we should all fear is the one that smears a peaceful Muslim congregation and incites violence around the country.

Ground Zero's Slave Graves

The bones of some 20,000 African slaves are buried 25 feet below Lower Manhattan.

Anti-Muslim Pols Channel Willie Horton Ad Experts For New Smears

The reverberations from the Park 51 debate are still being felt far away from lower Manhattan.

Advocates: Stabbing Victim's Blood on Hands of Demagogue Pols

Enright’s drinking problem doesn’t overshadow sweeping national anti-Muslim sentiments.

Bloomberg: Anti-Muslim Slashing "Counter to Everything NYers Believe"

Attacker allegedly asked taxi driver if he was Muslim before slashing his face.

Miss USA Rima Fakih Thinks Cordoba House Should Move

Says tragedy trumps religion.

Rinku Sen on Fox News: Mosque Mania's Really About National Identity

Colorlines’ publisher spars with the Fox News folks on the Cordoba House.

Al Franken Shows Dems How to Stand Up for Values

Calls Cordoba House backlash “disgraceful” and a GOP “wedge issue.”

It's More Than Obama: 25 Percent Say U.S. Muslims Not "Patriots"

The anti-Mulsim attitudes in Time’s new poll should scare us all.

Mosque Mania's Political Lesson: It's Our Values, Stupid

The GOP’s demagoguery will continue to dominate as long as Democrats avoid articulating progressive values.

Sensitive Bigotry and the "Ground Zero Mosque" Meme

CNN’s Don Lemon inadvertently reveals the prejudice lurking behind objections to a Muslim cultural center near the World Trade Center site.

Harry Reid's "Ground Zero Mosque" Fail

Majority leader cowers under pressure from GOP rival.

Obama's "Ground Zero Mosque" Backtrack

Says his position is about upholding the Constitution, not politics.

Anti-Muslim Bus Ad Set to Exploit "Ground Zero Mosque" Fear

New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority just gave its blessing to an anti-Muslim ad campaign, brought to you by the American Freedom Defense Initiative.

NYC Muslim Center Clears Ground Zero Hurdle, Finally

It’s been a long, ugly debate.

Mayor Mike Gets It Right on Ground Zero Muslim Center

Says NYC was built and is sustained by immigrants. Here, here.

The Right's Madness Over Mosques

It’s not just Ground Zero anymore. They’re flipping out about Muslims gathering anywhere.