Grand Jury

Sandra Bland's Family Settles Civil Suit For $1.9 Million, Pledged Jail Procedure Changes

The settlement requires that the Texas jail where Bland died under suspcicious circumstances in 2015 implement electronic sensors that ensure timely and accurate jail cell checks.

Person wearing massive furry hood holds sign that reads: "16 shots and a cover up = resign!"

Grand Jury to Investigate Cover Up of Laquan McDonald Shooting

Seven Chicago Police Department officers were fired last month for their role in the officer-involved shooting. Now, they might face criminal charges.

Tamir Rice’s Mother Testifies Before Grand Jury

From her attorney’s statement: “She had the opportunity to ask the grand jury to consider whether it could possibly be ‘reasonable’ or ‘justifiable’ for officers to speed across the grass when driveways were nearby, rush up to Tamir and shoot him immediately.”

Grand Jury Now Hearing Evidence About Tamir Rice Killing, Family Surprised

Rice family attorney: “The family thus believes that the secret process gives the prosecutor cover for his lack of interest in bringing charges.”

3 Takes on California Ending Police Violence Grand Juries

Secret grand juries are no longer an option for cases of officer-involved killings and excessive force in California—but will it change anything? 

California Bans Grand Juries for Police-Involved Murders

California passes a law that puts the decision to charge officers for killing civilians solely in the hands of prosecutors.

New Video of Tamir Rice Shooting Released; Shows Officers Handcuffing His Sister

Sister,14, detained in squad car steps from 12-year-old Rice’s body

NYPD Again Turn Backs on Mayor At Officer's Funeral

Tensions at all-time high following December ambush of two police officers

New York City Mayor Says, #BlackLivesMatter

Meanwhile, tensions flare between the mayor and the police union

New York Judge Releases Officer Pantaleo's Grand Jury Info--Kinda

Should protesters look for justice through the courts?

#CrimingWhileWhite Trends After No Indictment in Eric Garner Case

Twitter ‘confessional’ being called a great eye opener

Here's A Preview of Darren Wilson's First TV Interview, Airing Tonight

Wilson reportedly says he would not do anything different that day.

How Lezley McSpadden Learned About the Grand Jury's Decision

“What do you mean no indictment?!” McSpadden is reported to have said.

Obama on Ferguson Grand Jury: Anger 'Is an Understandable Reaction'

Obama addresses the nation shortly after a grand jury declines to indict Darren Wilson.

Grand Jury Does Not Indict Darren Wilson

The decision not to indict was widely expected

Gov. Jay Nixon Orders State of Emergency in Missouri

Order fuels speculation that the grand jury will not indict Officer Darren Wilson

Expert Who Analyzed Leaked Mike Brown Autopsy Report Says She Was Taken Out of Context

“You cannot interpret autopsy reports in a vacuum,” says forensic pathologist

Following Ferguson: Grand Jury Being Investigated For Possible Misconduct

Rumored leak captured on Twitter.

Following Ferguson: Grand Jury 101

And more on white people.

Darren Wilson's Grand Jury is 75% White

More details such as zip code and age may be released on Monday.