Stacey Abrams. Smiling Black woman in blue top stands at podium

WATCH: Stacey Abrams Accepts Party's Nomination for Georgia Governor

“We are writing the next chapter of Georgia’s future, where no one is unseen, no one is unheard and no one is uninspired,” said Abrams, the Democratic candidate who is on track to become the nation’s first Black female governor.

Paul LePage in navy suit with pink and navy striped tie

Maine Governor Will Not Resign Amid Fallout From Racially-Charged Comments, Violent Voicemail

Paul LePage also insisted that he will no longer speak with reporters after revelations of his tirade against a state representative he thought called him a racist. 

North Carolina Governor, Justice Department Suing Each Other Over Anti-Trans Law

The federal government told Pat McCrory to stop enforcing the law. He did not listen.

Indiana Governor Silent as Police Rule Out Hate Crime in 'Execution-Style' Killing of Three African Men

The three victims, two of whom were Muslim, were found dead of multiple gunshot wounds in Fort Wayne, Indiana, last week. 

South Dakota Awaits Governor's Decision on Anti-Trans 'Bathroom Bill'

If signed into law, it would force trans students to use bathroms for their birth-assigned gender, rather than the one with which they identify. 

Maine Governor Attributes Heroin Trafficking To 'D-Money,' 'Shifty'

“Incidentally, half the time they impregnate a young, White girl before they leave,” says Governor Paul LePage about out-of-state drug dealers with names like “D-Money,” “Shifty” and “Smoothie.” 

Judge Not: NJ Gov. Christie Ousts Lone Black Justice

christie_0603.jpgNew Jersey’s new governor is zealously spreading a conservative agenda across his state, all the way up to the courthouse door. Gov.