Good Jobs

Chicago Approves New Minimum Wage: $13-an-Hour

Business owners are mobilizing nationally to counter the growing movement.

Guess How Much Fast Food Workers Earn In Denmark?

A living wage

When Good Union Jobs Were White

Labor is trying to reconcile with its racist past, but is it enough?

7 Fast Food Worker Strikes--And Arrests--Hit Cities Near You

Workers are now practicing civil disobedience.

José Couldn't Get A Job--Not Until He Became Joe [VIDEO]

The name change made José Zamora appear to be a better candidate

Is $10.10 An Acceptable Minimum Wage?

New report targeting president’s recent executive order aims higher

Dallas Hospital Gives Workers Raise--Using Exec Bonuses

Whether the new $10.25 minimum wage will be a living wage for Dallas residents is unclear.

Labor Secretary Responds to Federal Contract Workers Demands

Some federal contract workers are pleased with new $10.10 wage; others call it a poverty wage

Federal Contract Workers to Obama: $10.10 Not Good Enough

Letter to White House calls $10.10 poverty wages

Texas Judge Bars Walmart Workers From Protesting

Temporary order is scheduled to be revisited on June 16

Hundreds of Moms Protest Wal-Mart This Week

Moms demand better wages for themselves and their families in more than 20 cities

More Than 100 Protesters Arrested Outside McDonald's HQ

Heavy police presence met protesters yesterday

McDonald's Campus Closes Because of Fast Food Protests

Barricades and fencing surround the entrance to the McDonald’s campus

Forget Going Global: Fast Food Workers Are Protesting in the Deep South

Workers in small town Ala. want a living wage, too

Fast Food Worker Protests Going Global?

More than 150 U.S. cities and 30 countries reported to take part

Boston Rally Calls for Jobs Not Jails

Has “ban the box” legislation helped you?

Who's Giving Second Chances to War on Drugs Survivors?

Joe Jones on helping young men of color achieve economic success

ICYMI: Women (Still) on Losing Side of Equal Pay Gap

What’s it going to take for a woman to get the paycheck she deserves?

A Brief Tale of Two Working Moms of Color and the Social Safety Net

One makes it; another does not.

Criminal Record Bars Young Women of Color from Work

It’s not just a problem for men