Dozens of Foxconn Workers Arrested After Riot in Chengdu, China Plant

Hundreds of Foxconn employees living in company dormitories

in Chengdu, China clashed with security staff Monday evening.

The Deadly Labor Behind Our Phones, Laptops and Consumer Gadgets

The world’s largest consumer manufacturer has drawn global outrage for a string of worker suicides in its factories. But the problem is rooted in Western consumer markets, not Chinese sweatshops.

American and European Right Unite in Anti-Muslim Scapegoating

The troubling themes of the midterm elections echo around the Western world.

How the Global "Gray Wave" Crashes Through Closed Borders

Global Justice columnist Michelle Chen says it’ll drown us all if we don’t realize how closely linked we are.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Apart on UN's Development Goals

World leaders gather this week to face global poverty. They can start by facing global inequity.

Mail Order Wombs: Outsourcing Birth to India

So much of America’s economic activity takes place on faraway shores, from call centers in Mumbai to sweatshops in Shanghai. Still, you’d think that making a baby would be one job that’s hard to offshore. But today, for a fee, a woman in another country can serve as a “gestational surrogate,” carrying a fertilized egg to term and then delivering the baby straight to your door, halfway around the world.