Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck's 'Open Heart' for Migrant Children

On his program, the pundit also takes aim against U.S.-backed coups in Latin America.

Is That a 'Muslim Obama' Bobblehead in Glenn Beck's 'Pee Pee' Jar?

For years now Beck has argued President Obama has “shocking ties to the radical Muslim Brotherhood” and has suggested the commander in chief may be Muslim himself.

Conservative Andrew Klavan Headed to Glenn Beck Online TV Network

The conservative screenwriter who instigated the Park 51 saga will join Beck’s online subscription video network.

Van Jones Challenges Glenn Beck to a Debate

The green jobs guru tells Beck: “Anytime, Anywhere.”

Glenn Beck Claims Obama and Van Jones Support 'Killing the Parents'

The talk show host goes after young climate change activists who had gathered this week in D.C. for the national Power Shift conference.

Glenn Beck Ends Show, But Fox's Race Baiting Still Lives

At least for now, the talk show host’s hate has been muted.

Stewart, Colbert Draw 215,000 to Washington

Take that, Glenn Beck.

The Attempted Mass Murderer Glenn Beck Inspired

California shooter tells Media Matters Beck was his “schoolteacher on TV.”

Beck: One Nation's "Socialist Communist Plot"

The talk show host get antsy over progressives stealing his thunder.

Progressives Plan March to Counter Glenn Beck's Hype

Nearly 400 groups plan a massive weekend rally on Capitol Hill.

Glenn Beck Launches Political News Website

Beck’s biggest concern? His bottom line.

One Thing Beck Can't Claim: Black Supporters

There may have been a lot of red, white, and blue – but there wasn’t a ton of black in attendance.

Beck's 'Restoring Honor' Rally, in Perspective

Beck’s recent efforts clearly pale in comparison to the history he’s trying to hijack.

Media Matters Rounds Up Glenn Beck's Most Racist Moments

Low moments in Beck’s effort to “reclaim” the civil rights movement.

Readers Prefer Net Neutrality to Glenn Beck

A roundup of the week’s best ColorLines conversations.

Glenn Beck's MLK Dream is Perverse, But What's Our Vision?

Beck and the right have been the loudest national voices on race for too long.

Glenn Beck Turns MLK's Dream to Nightmare on Anniversary

Talk show host plans to hold rally with Sarah Palin to rally his conservative base.