Gender Discrimination

STUDY: Half of Black Millenials Know a Victim of Police Violence, Still See Cops as Protectors

Fifty-four percent of young black people surveyed say that either they or someone they know have been harassed by police or been the victim of police violence. Meanwhile, 66 percent still think police are there to protect them.

'The I'm Tired Project' Tackles Stereotypes and Privilege Via Photos

Art has the power to illuminate dark corners and show people the uncomfortable truths hidden in them. A new project from Paula Akpan and Harriet Evans aims to do just that. Described on the project’s Tumblr as “A project aiming to highlight the significance and lasting impact of everyday micro-aggressions and stereotypes,” “The ‘I’m Tired’ Project” features images of women and men with the stereotypes they are tired of carrying literally written on their weary backs.

Reddit's Acting CEO Ellen Pao, Who Drew Fire for Banning Racist Subreddits, Resigns

The lawyer and interim CEO of Reddit resigned from the company on Friday amidst significant controversy.