A brown woman wearing a black floral dress and a light peach hijab smiles while holding up a fist

Dear America: Linda Sarsour Has Advice for Some of Us Who Are Brave

In the aftermath of Israeli soldiers killing more than 60 Palestinian protestors on Monday, the Palestinian-American organizer urges “brave Americans” to “choose to be on the right side of history.”

Dispatch From Chicago: War Abroad Touches Palestinian-American Youth

What does it mean to be young and Palestinian and American in this moment in history?

On the American Perception of Israel's War In Gaza

Racism, privilege and the limits of empathy

'Free Palestine' Demonstrators Gather Outside White House

Rally billed as the largest pro-Palestinian march in the United States.

Robin D.G. Kelley on Palestine: 'A Level of Racist Violence I've Never Seen'

His comments offer some perspective on how even in time so-called “peace,” violence and destruction are commonplace.

Palestinian Artist's Show Opens Without Him in New York

Khaled Jarrar’s ‘No Exit’ deals with the artist’s reality

James Baldwin in black-and-white photo with white shirt and black pants

This Is What James Baldwin Wrote About Israel and Palestine in 1979

“Jews and Palestinians know of broken promises.”

A Look at the U.S. Marches Calling for an End to Violence in Gaza

Thousands of people have taken to the streets to call for an end to the violence that’s claimed more than 600 Palestinian lives.

Jon Stewart Outlines the Trouble With Talking About Gaza in the U.S.

It’s still tough to report on the subject if you seem even remotely sympathetic to Palestinian lives

Alice Walker Doesn't Mince Words in Challenging Israeli Blockade of Gaza

The Pulitzer Prize-winning author is set to sail to Gaza, and compares the treatment of Palestinians to her own childhood in the American South.

Friday Twitter Break: Arizona Just Can't Give Racism A Rest

What is going on? As if the ongoing BP disaster at the Gulf Coast weren’t enough, Arizona decided it couldn’t let the weekend get started without reminding us exactly how small-minded and backwards it can be. The Onion could not make up better headlines than the ones Arizona gives out for free.