Black LGB+ Census. Civil ceremony between two Black women.

'Black Census' Finds That Low Wages Are the Top Issue For LGB+ Respondents

More than 5,400 gay, lesbian, bisexual or “other” people surveyed said that making ends meet is more important than marriage equality.

Azealia Banks' Pride and Prejudice

Azealia talks to Playboy about race, reparations, talking proper–and using slurs.

Ex-Marine Calls on People of Color to Back Same-Sex Marriage

Marquell Smith helped repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and is now turning his attention towards another LGBT cause.

Jasmine Jordan Responds to Gay Rumors

She hasn’t said yes or no, but her response is adorable.

First Active NBA Player Comes Out As Gay

For the first time ever, an athlete for a major American sports team comes out of the closet.

HRC Apologizes for Mistreating Trans and Immigrant Activists

The Human Rights Campaign today was the last group to issue an apology for what they referred to as “two unfortunate incidents at the United for Marriage event at the Supreme Court last week.”

10 Powerful Images of Protesters at This Week's Gay Marriage Hearing

Supporters of gay marriage have been outside of the court to witness what could precipitate historic changes in how same-sex couples are treated under the law.

NFL Teams Are Asking if Manti Te'o Is Gay, Homophobia in Football Alive and Well

Yet another reason why we shouldn’t expect homophobia in sports to go away any time soon.