Funny or Die

Images of Black man with White woman and White man spliced into shattered glass against black background with white text

WATCH: Funny or Die 'Casts' Trump Family and Friends in 'Get Out' Parody

The video features clips of Donald Trump, his family and surrogate Ben Carson spliced into the trailer for “Get Out.” We’ll let you decide if it’s scarier than the original.

WATCH: George Lopez Kills in Funny Or Die’s ‘Mexican Donald Trump’ Sketch

“Donaldo Trumpez” speaks on enterprising American immigrants: “Do you think that in Mexico we want a restaurant named Señor Frogs? That’s not Mexican! It’s embarrassing!”

Funny or Die Brings You Jan Brewer's 'Self-Deportation Station'

Actress Mary Steenburgen does such a good job at impersonating Jan Brewer that you won’t know whether to laugh or cry after watching this video.