#FundraiserFriday: Rising Filmmaker Depicts a Millennial Black Woman's Journey to Islam in 'Jinn'

Nijla Baseema Mu’min’s Kickstarter campaign for her upcoming narrative film is just $2,000 shy of its $25,000 goal. 

#FundraiserFriday: This Doc is 'Redefining HERstory' to Resist the Silencing of Black Women

“Redefining HERstory” aims to fight the omnipresent media narratives that demonize and erase Black women. 

#FundraiserFriday: This Comic's Dying Wish? To Film a Comedy Special

Quincy Jones hustles for stage time, even as he deals with the intensity of chemotherapy. 

#FundraiserFriday: This Documentarian Wants to Screen Her Film on the Movement for Black Lives Convening in Cleveland

SorayaSoi Free is raising $2,000 to premiere her film at Cleveland State University, which was the site of the historic gathering.

#FundraiserFriday: Leading DJs Create 'Dust + Dignity,' an Exhibit of More Than 100 Powerful Album Covers

Rich Medina and King Britt are among those involved in the project. 

#FundraiserFriday: 'Who is Arthur Chu?' Depicts 'Jeopardy!' Champion Fighting Model Minority Stereotypes

The upcoming documentary on the 11-time “Jeopardy!” winner follows Chu’s personal evolution from game show winner to culture critic, reconnecting with family and bucking racist expectations along the way. 

Fundraiser Friday: Only Five More Days To Support 'Nana Dijo'

“Nana Dijo” is a documentary that explores the marginalization of black people in the U.S. and Latin America. 

Fundraiser Friday: 'In The Morning' Director Crowdfunding For Independent Release

Nefertite Nguvu, the director of this award-winning ensemble drama, is crowdfunding to bring her film to a theater near you. 

Fundraiser Friday: Less than 3 Hours Left to Support 'Understanding Jim Crow'

This new book on Jim Crow-era racist memorabilia and imagery comes from the same people behind the Jim Crow Museum. 

Fundraiser Friday: 'Kid Impact' Comic Confronts Syrian Civil War Head-On

This giant-sized comic will follow a young Syrian refugee as he re-enters the war to save his cousin. 

Fundraiser Friday: 'Princess Planet' Books Will Feature Princesses From Around The World

The children’s book series, which is fundraising via GoFundMe, aims to bring a diverse and cosmopolitan group of characters to children of all backgrounds. 

Fundraiser Friday: 'Dick Gregory Film' Chronicles The Legendary Entertainer's Life Story

A crowdfunding campaign for a documentary on the trailblazing comedian and activist is now a Kickstarter Staff Pick.